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As warming temperatures erode their hunting grounds, polar bears in Canada's western Hudson Bay region, for instance, saw their numbers slide from 1,100 in 1995 to only 950 in 2004.The dangers now posed by the PBDEs are reminiscent of the crisis 30 years ago over PCBs - polychlorinated biphenyls - a highly toxic by-product of many industries that was also found to be migrating to the Arctic. Since 2004, manufacturing has stopped in the US of two of the most toxic retardants, called penta and octa. According to Derek Muir, of Canada's Environmental Department and a leader of the new research, there are signs of a slightly different retardant, typically used in construction materials and furnishings, also showing up in the Arctic and in the bears, called HBCD.She said: "First of all the vet said it looked as though she had an enlarged clitoris, but then it turned out it was actually a penis so basically Bluebell is both male and female dog."The vet said it's a once in a career thing as it's just so rare and she'd never seen anything like it." Mrs Ford got Bluebell from a breeder in Dordon and collected the pup with mum Maureen in summer 2009.

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There is also evidence that compounds similar to the PBDEs have contributed to a surprisingly high rate of hermaphroditism in polar bears.

About one in 50 female bears on Svalbard has both male and female sex organs, a phenomenon scientists link directly to the effects of pollution.

The new study, first published last month in the journal Environmental Science and Technology, shows, for instance, that one compound was 71 times more concentrated in polar bears than in the seals they normally feed upon.

Conservationists are especially alarmed by these new findings because of the already fragile condition of the Arctic polar bear populations, some of which could be devastated before the end of the century.

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A team of scientists from Canada, Alaska, Denmark and Norway is sounding the alarm about the flame retardants, known as polybrominated diphenyls, or PBDEs, saying that significant deposits have recently been found in the fatty tissues of polar bears, especially in eastern Greenland and Norway's Svalbard islands.


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