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Instead of having 9 servers with only a few people in them, we'll have a handful of servers which will hopefully get more players. Im changing the maps on a number of the different servers to cater to the people who get bored of the current v182 MC map.If you check the server list now you'll see some maps have been changed to versions like 24/7 Christmas, 24/7 Halloween, as well as the 'Retro' Neonheights map which features the old doomsday course, as well as a bunch of different doomsday buttons that many of you have never seen before.I would typically only step in during times where the servers would break or have serious glitches.

You need to give your game servers an address to log to using logaddress_add.

I assume NFO takes care of this for you on initial setup of the first game server.

I run a pretty large hlstats install for my community.

If you are interested please add me on steam using the button in my signature. I'd recommend getting that information from the "stats" page.

Essentially what it does is takes every message that a player puts in chat, and replaces it with a random message that I set.

We use it if people are being racist in chat, insulting others, spamming etc...

On your current working game server, run this command in the game servers console: logaddress_list This will return an IP address and port that the server uses to send logs to your hlstats system.

Take that IP:port and copy it, and then put this in each of your servers autoexec.cfg: logaddress_add ip:port where ip:port is the information taken from your original, working game server.

After you add logaddress_add to your other servers and restarted the server, you should be able to run logaddress_list and it should return the IP: Port you just added.

I haven't had the chance to use the hlstats offering by NFO(I use my own installation), do you have daemon logs that you can look at?

My guess would be NFO is restricting the ability to add additional game servers to your hlstats daemon.


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