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Alort B and friendless, Slaatn has only ofw chance of escape: he must rieuiralise ttie moons bov like iransmitrers and eliminate I he offending force I leid The miss Kjn takes place over four levels, each of wh^ch ts divided mto eight zones lo tse tach- led in any order. Rat umin Q to base before a U the iransmitlers have bam collected fives an instant breakdown of ■aain's performar Ke so far, including the number of transmit- " Eorthhi^hi is yet anotfier one of Pete Cooke's mas- terpieces to put of your shelf, along witjh Tau Ceti and Academy.

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They blessed a sacred arrow with the powers of the wooiis, which would summon a spirit in times of need, and shot it into the air; whoever found the^ arrow would find \ themselves in an adventure of fantastic importance , . 1988, Elite Systems International Lid, T Mf T fi,f , * '!

L L\» lie Ji Rf Piiiiiii iiiiiri niiii Consumer H o^^^^(0j^41 i SYSTEM FORMAT PRICE ' Spectrum Cassette £7,99 Spectrum Disc El 2.99 Amstrad/Schneider Cassette E9.99 Am stf ad/Sc h n ei der Disc £14.99 Commodore 64 Cassette £9,99 Commodore 64 Disc £11.99 Atari ST £19.99 Hffffte Svstems irmltfid Pa.«t Ar HM k.

nufrtbtrmndmiipir Yd Mtmi »:- Th* Mwftetin^ Dtf Mrtm Mt.

mt€om$c^ fini tt OOr, S*'H Mvw Oxford Strtrnt iondon WCt A ff S.

ft O% CRASH June 1988 11 STREET FIGHTER Producer; GO!

Retail price: £B.99 cassette, £12.99 disk Authors: Tfertax from a Capcoin coin- op Stravt tah Ung hn tskon on tntemaf Done Ts Wus^ Acit M* the «ond candidei«3 an Mng up to (ska on Ryu, a skffls(f J PAUL L "Thara't rio doii Blir M ttw qi MHy of Stneet Fi^sr** l«rg« and d«f«U«d grap Ncs, but wh«n It c«tfi«* to playat««9 tha gfwn* li aadly Iscking m both aqiacla.

® Spectrum C^SMtte £7.95 re^ecomjoft fint Floor, S4-7SNtw Oxfortt St Lt^don Wa A IK.

A LEGEND IN GAMES SOFTWARE producer: Rmt Mrd Retail price: CZ95 Author: Pete Caoke 10 CRASH June 1 98S VR»T*H*L*h G*H»T laatn, an ordinary alien frofri lf» p Janel Actunan, fs og and rea Hstica Hv changing ■Iwfkiwft cfeale a polkst Yed and praf«ssionai 3-D effect The perspective is Btill not fine enough to make pinpointing of a craft's enact posttioni possi- ble, but on most ievels the planet's grid-l^ke surface avoids any protjlerne of aiignmen L You aimpty lina up ypur ow Ti craft with thtt Qnemy's to makt sur« ^f a ctiract hit.

consid- ered su Hich Kit IP justify furtiier mivestmeni.

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