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A spokesman for CBeebies – the BBC’s channel for under-sixes – told The Mail on Sunday: ‘A small number of personal or inappropriate comments about one of our CBeebies presenters were removed by moderators.’Last night Mr Faulks said he hadn’t seen the lewd remarks and remains bemused by his status as the ‘sex god of CBeebies’, which sees him receiving Valentine cards and knitted vegetables from adoring mums.

But singer Casey Donovan has opened up about how her sex addiction ruined her daily life in what she hope serves as a warning to fans in similar situations, saying it became as easy as 'ordering a pizza.' Personal struggle: Casey Donovan has opened up about how her sex addiction ruined her daily life in what she hope serves as a warning to fans in similar situations, saying it became as easy as 'ordering a pizza''When you're emotionally disconnected from the situation, it can get really dangerous because you burn and churn, and with technology at your fingertips it's just too easy — it's like ordering a pizza.'The diva's triumphant return to the stage is a dramatic change from the lows she experienced post-Idol, which at one stage saw her working as a receptionist in a medical office where she was tasked with processing urine samples.

The latest studio album from Billy Idol is available digitally, on compact disc and limited edition vinyl LP.

Learn more and watch behind the scenes video from the making of the album here.

With the except of 'A,' the remaining 5 men weren't part of the entertainment industry.

Did you read another media source or did you pluck this from the comment section here? ' I've read both English and Korean outlets, and none of them said anything about the idol belonging in a 5-member group. Because like I said, none of those things you said are mentioned in any of the major Korean media outlets.

im sure we will find who it is soon .will not miss that, its fun for them. Like headless chicken :) :) Well, I am amazed by people who can love and support an idol and the next moment if they saw an article like that they can jump to conclusions that he's the baddest person around.

I really don't know who can even think it might be an INFINITE member (or CNBLUE, Teen Top), it' s beyond absurd.

I think it can be G Dragon too his reputation is already been destroyed by those drugs and stuff and all I can think is what if its G Dragon. ㅠ.ㅠ debut in 2010, have 5 members, 26 yo (idk if its korean or international age)candidateno1 FCUZ Kanno 2 FCUZ Yejunno3 FCUZ Raehyunno4 Teentop CAP (teen top is now 5 member group)no5 Touch Sunwoongno6 The Boss Karamno7 The Boss Hyunminno8 The Boss Injun whys is eveyone running around, like headless chicken unrelated with zea infinite or cn blue...stop saying :" oh it has to be one of the infinite members" " im not sure but i think its one of them" WHY DONT YOU JUST WAIT AND SEE WHO IT IS?

i know it may be difficult , but please dont frame someone when u dont know all the evidence.

Involving innocent people in this and then what, they'll say : sorry? That's what an Inspirit said, she was really upset about it. 5) woohyun was not even in the country when this happened. this is a serious issue, so don't just start listing any idol name.

Like people won't notice if there's Woohyun's photo if it's no head or blurred Infinite's vids, really. That's the problem with ladies in Korea, they spend money on plastic surgery and try to hook up with celebrities and then try to gold dig out of their money by putting all these crap rumors, what the heck? Why don't you save money for your future and live the way you are instead of putting celebrities miserable... the woman claimed that the incident occurred on july 6. it greatly affects their image and not to mention that it'll affect the person themselves.

So this is how the process looks to me: a girl hooks up with an idol-they make out (or not..come on.. If there is a real case how people are supposed to believe them when there are so many crazy bitches out there who make up things?

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