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From experiences, people from Kentucky practices favoritism. In a place I work, my boss just tries to put any non-white into a bad positions whenever there is a dispute between whites and non-whites disregard whether who is right or not.

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Black men, spawning children and abandoning them, single black women raising whole families and working two jobs to do it, guys hanging out on corners dealing drugs, fighting dogs, and acting like boys instead of men reinforce the image that the police hold of this ethnic group.

Still those who reject that life style and work twice as hard as their while counterparts still share the same racial profiling and rough treatment by the police as the hoods who deserve it.

A similar bill in Arizona was vetoed by the governor in 2014.

Everywhere I go I get looked at because I'm black like they never seen a black person before In the area in which I live people are routinely pulled over for driving while black.

Half of them are my friends I'm a hard core redneck but I'm not racist... So 99% of "racist people you'll meet here are not really racist...

Yes they might call people the AND word and make racist jokes but I've met almost no one who actually has a problem with anyone based on their ethnicity in fact there's plenty of black and Mexican rednecks here and they're are some of our best friends.I realize I sound racist to some people just referring to them the way I do but I'm sorry that's just they way we talk get used to it because it won't change and it's no one should take offense to being referred too as what they are because there's plenty of other black people and Mexicans etc that will deliberately make jokes about us being white and call us that and nothing makes me more pissed off then a double standard.We don't like gangsters and ..I was born and raised in Kentucky.I fear that if I don't move our children will suffer the same experiences. I work in Ohio but close to Kentucky so its like a double wammy.There are good people everywhere you go but they usually aren't the ones you have to deal with on the regular. Meaning you won't get a fair trial but you won't get the death penalty for sure either!I'very been here for 9 months since 2015, and I am a appalled at the blatant racist comments here.


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