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Every country, including our own, limits access to foreign film crews.

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I have degrees in biology and biochemistry, a passion for genetics, history, and philosophy, and shrimp is my favorite food.

In relation to nationality I'm a American Northwesterner, in politics I'm a reactionary, and as for religion I have none (I'm an atheist).

But today came out with a paper with a result which suggests that the anecdotes of relatively widespread homosexual behavior in the Middle East are not totally unfounded or unrepresentative (the journalist Hugh Pope has indicated that Middle Eastern men have sometimes assumed he would naturally be open to sexual propositions because he was a Westerner. The paper is about HIV, Are HIV Epidemics among Men Who Have Sex with Men Emerging in the Middle East and North Africa? Does this mean that 29% of men in this sample are gay? As you likely know Iran’s state imposes conservative sexual mores upon its population.

Though Iran is not Saudi Arabia there are still hazards when it comes to men and women entering into relationships before marriage.

Most important, you'll meet the people of this nation whose government so exasperates our own. Rick takes viewers beyond Europe to Iran, a place that's rich with history..mystery.

Visiting Tehran, Shiraz, Persepolis, and a small village, viewers will get a rare present-day look at some of civilization's most important historical sites, and a sense of Iran's 21st-century culture.These venues allow for freedom within the country's gendered laws, but people are torn on whether they're a positive or negative.Since the Iranian revolution in 1979, women have been required by law to wear hijab in the theocratic country.Iran, twice the size of France, sits in an increasingly important corner of Asia — surrounded by Turkey, Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.We start in the capital, Tehran, follow an ancient trade route south to the village of Abyaneh, to Esfahan, to Shiraz, and then finish at Persepolis.["Salaam."] Most important, we'll meet and talk with the people whose government so exasperates America.

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