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For many this is a death sentence that no parent wants to here.

Learn more by clicking here about Niemann-Pick Type C disease.

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He said viewers will be surprised by this different side of Michaels.

"She's a motivator and a life coach of sorts, and you are going to see her playing that role in a number of different and surprising scenarios." One example: Helping a woman face her second mastectomy.

She felt that this was exactly the diagnosis she was seeking.

After several tests and the whole process it was confirmed…Niemann-Pick Type C disease.

Michaels said she is still adjusting to daytime television, but says she is thrilled with the more expansive format.

"If you want to get a message across, it's ," she said.Sometimes, she does it by piping up and asking the doctors to translate the medical-speak. (While the rest of the doctors are accustomed to handling cadaver parts such as a diseased lungs as part of a segment on the dangers of smoking, the squeamish Michaels can barely keep her breakfast down.) Now in its fourth season, the Emmy-winning show is also making room on the stage for psychologist Wendy Walsh."It's definitely not broken but we're fixing it anyway," co-host Dr. "This season it will be a significantly different show" with more in-depth consultations with real-life patients and more emphasis on psychological wellness."I just stopped growing and became complacent and I thought ' That job is done.'" While she stresses that she is grateful for the platform that allowed her to skyrocket to fame and tackle America's obesity problem, she felt limited by the prime-time format.She praised the show's ability to inspire the masses to get up and move." It launches on Friday, and will then air on consecutive Thursdays and feature Michaels working with three troubled couples who are struggling with destructive habits.


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