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Copy the Mo, Custom into the .minecraft/mods folder. install Forge (unzip the file and add all of its contents to your file) 2. copy the Mo and Custom files inside your \.minecraft/mods folder 6. (Make sure your profile is set to Forge) Download the files linked above Please make a backup of your file and then: 1.Chat Forum One is open to all and you can chat using a mobile phone or tablet - no registration required.

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You have been warned, don't face one if you don't have a gold sword. Werewolves sometimes will run on all fours, which makes them faster There are four kind of bears in Mo Creatures: Black bears and Grizzly bears will attack back if provoked. If you pick up a bird, you can glide safely from heights I apologize in advance, but any post in the forum or any private message with a question already answered here will be ignored. I'm overwhelmed with PMs and I'm not reading them anymore. -Dorino1: quack sounds plus painterly pack's duck texture. When did they become aware of others someguyreplying:@heavycruise other things outside our country?

Polar Bears, that spawn in cold biomes will hunt down the player on sight. I just don't have the time to answer the same questions over and over again.

This mob destroys blocks and ignites the floor on impact.

Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide.

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In daylight the werewolf will transform back into human form in no time. A.: You're welcome to post your ideas/suggestions, I have a list of mobs to do... A.: It does, the installation procedure is different. A.: I'm using Techne for models, for the textures, MCP plus Eclipse for the code ) -Mo'Creatures Mod v5.2.3(Mirror) (MC 1.5.2) -Mo'Creatures Mod v5.2.2(Mirror) (MC 1.5.2) -Mo'Creatures Mod v5.1.5(Mirror) (MC 1.5.1) -Mo'Creatures Mod v5.0.8(MC 1.5.1) -Mo'Creatures Mod v4.7.0 (MC 1.4.7) requires Custom Spawner 1.11.2 -Mo'Creatures Mod v4.6.0a (MC 1.4.7) -Mo'Creatures Mod v4.5.1(Mirror) (MC 1.4.7) -Mo'Creatures Mod v4.5.0(Mirror) (MC 1.4.7) -Mo'Creatures Mod v4.4.0(Mirror) (MC 1.4.6) -Mo'Creatures Mod v4.3.1(Mirror) (MC 1.4.5) -Mo'Creatures Mod v4.3.0(Mirror) -Mo'Creatures Mod v4.2.3(Mirror) -Mo'Creatures Mod v4.2.2(Mirror) -Mo'Creatures Mod v4.2.1(Mirror) (MC 1.4.5) -Mo'Creatures Mod v4.2.0(Mirror) (MC 1.4.5) -Mo'Creatures Mod v4.1.3(Mirror) (MC 1.4.2) -Mo'Creatures Mod v4.1.2(Mirror) (MC 1.4.2) -Mo'Creatures Mod v4.1.1(Mirror) (MC 1.4.2) -Mo'Creatures Mod v4.1.0(Mirror) (MC 1.4.2) -Mo'Creatures Mod v4.0.4(Mirror) (MC 1.3.2) -Mo'Creatures Mod v4.0.3(Mirror) (MC 1.3.2) -Mo'Creatures Mod v4.0.2(MC 1.3.2) -Mo'Creatures Mod v4.0.1(MC 1.3.2) -Mo'Creatures Mod v3.7.1(MC 1.2.5) Coding: Dr Zhark, Bloodshot Modelling: Kent C Jensen (a.k.a.

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