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With so many relatives around did no one involved in the movie dare tell Harold what a piece of crap he was making?

Clay is a wealthy New York business man trying desperately to fill his dead father’s shoes. Clay’s mother has a top heart surgeon brought in to do the surgery, but Clay stands his ground and insists his friend do it.

He should have used her doctor and he should not have married Sam.

To fully explain just how bad this movie is, and to stress how much you should avoid it, I have to tell you the ending. The one and only character with any brains ends up dead. The woman he loved was actually trying to kill him, as was his best friend.

Awake won't put you to sleep, you will be too busy laughing at the ineptness of it all to nod off.

Alors qu'il est sur la table d'opération, Clay, un riche héritier new-yorkais, revient à lui et prend conscience de sa situation.

I took them because I also thought they were movies that spoke to my generation.

One is called 'The Last Kiss,' which will probably be out in the spring, and the other is called 'Fast Track,' which is a broad comedy.If you were coming off three of the highest-grossing films of all time and had your pick of roles, what would you want to do next?If your answer was playing the love interest opposite Jessica Alba, Hayden Christensen owes you a high-five.He deserved a V-8 slap to the forehead by those around him.As does anyone who still wants to watch this movie after they read my review.The former Darth Vader will be starring opposite the stunning "Sin City" actress in "Awake," a psychological thriller that begins shooting in New York next month. John Lennon," a documentary about the ill-fated singer and the continued influence of his late-life activism.


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