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We welcome students displaced from their home institution to apply to Boston College as a Visiting Student or a Woods College BA Student.

Visiting Student status allows students to enroll full-time at Boston College for one academic semester, and then return to their home institution.

When you're constantly moving and you're out there running for that long, you need simple foods the body can break down easily to use as fuel.

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Do you have any time left to socialize or do whatever else other 30-year-olds are doing?

It helps that a lot of my friends are also runners — and that I'm old because I prefer daytime drinking to nighttime drinking. I'll do a long run on Sunday morning, then see my friends and relax afterward.

On Saturday, @jeslynnyc and I ran a combined 112 miles at the Vermont100 trail race (@jeslynnyc ran a mere 100 of those miles, but who's counting?

) There is a thin line between being courageous and stupid.

I run quite a bit throughout the first 50 miles and try to keep a 9-mile-an-hour pace to finish under 24 hours, which is a very respectable time.

Between miles 50 and 70, I start suffering and walk a bit.

How much of a 100-mile race do you actually spend running?

I'm sure the elite runners run all 100 miles, but I plan ahead to take quite a few breaks.

I'm impressed and was honored to be a part of it all, especially running through the Vermont woods in the dead of night w just a headlamp to find the trail.

Let's not do it again anytime soon and a big Happy Birthday too!

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  1. Our advisers will write honest reviews, pointing out whatever might show up so you know what to expect.

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