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In an attempt to cash in on his popularity, the producers of the talent show are planning to bring Lin back onto the show, albeit as a guest star.

Lin has been invited to attend a taping of the show on Sunday though he will not appear in the coming two episodes, as they were completed prior to his rise to fame.

He’s already been featured in numerous CFs (SK Telecom’s Samsung phone, Etude House, Black N Jean), but he adds to that with a new contract to promote coffee for Dongsuh Foods, which he adds to a growing list of communications, clothing, and food brands he will also endorse.

He’s also got lingering images from his roles in Happy Life and Hwang Jini.

Those cherished memories of one’s youthful past have all been marred by the ex-boyfriend.

Jiro said that the only thing he can do is take advantage of this time to finish the writing and drawing for his art photobook.

The purpose of his trip was to draw inspiration from Vincent Van Gogh's homeland and art gallery while also seeing the windmills and taking in the beautiful landscapes Holland has to offer.

Like Park Shin-hye, Jang Geun-seok is experiencing a rise in popularity leading the drama You’re Beautiful.

In fact, he’s basking in the CF offers that have been rolling in recently, thanks to the drama.Jiro Wang: "But I'm still fine you see, full of energy, full of energy." However, the filial Jiro mentioned that he does miss his mother.As soon as he found out he had to stay an extra 5 days, he rang home to let his mother know that he was okay.Originally I was going to return to Taiwan but have a look behind me." The entire airport was empty, there weren't even any workers at the counter.Originally Jiro was going to return to Taiwan on April 19 but due to the volcanic eruption in Iceland, he has become stranded.Despite Lin's loss, "One Million Star" garnered its highest ratings since the debut episode of its latest (sixth) season, reportedly attracting about 580,000 viewers per minute.


  1. Head over to the districts of Jaro and Molo to visit centuries-old churches and the city’s grandest ancestral houses that have survived the test of time.

  2. I could have won Mastermind with Twilight as my specialist subject. But more than anything, I felt, broadly, that being an adolescent hadn’t changed too much since I left my teens.

  3. We was then served a large plate of salad with ice on top to stop it getting warm in the humid Phnom Penh evening warmth. During the time we were engaged to be married I found out she was having relations with 3 different men in the time frame .

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  5. In 2004, a Boston Globe reporter wrote that before he could chat with Cruise, he had been similarly required to sign a form stipulating that "neither Artist nor the Interview will be used or referred to in a derogatory manner".

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