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Conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer called out the Democrats for their opportunistic politicization of the Washington Post report that President Trump had leaked classified information to the Russians in a recent White House meeting.

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He cannot hear, he cannot see, he can barely open his eyes.

He cannot swallow, he cannot move, he cannot breathe on his own. They have repeatedly petitioned the courts to allow them to take Charlie for experimental treatment in the United States. They concluded that the proposed treatment has no chance of saving the child and would do nothing but inflict upon him further suffering. The Telegraph of London reports that Charlie's doctors remain unconvinced by the American researcher.

“So it’s not as if it hasn’t happened before,” he concluded, “it’s possible we’re not sure how much of a breach it is, but if it did hinder our relations with an ally whose already infiltrated inside, it could be a problem.” The Washington Post report claimed the more revealing details they received were being withheld on request from their sources who did not want classified information released.

The story has been denied by national security adviser H. Mc Master in a statement outside the White House, but some reporters referred to it a “non-denial” because it was so carefully parsed and he took no questions from the press.

He is a beautiful 11-month-old boy with an incurable genetic disease.

It depletes his cells' energy-producing structures (the mitochondria), thereby progressively ravaging his organs.

The story has been confirmed by sources to Buzzfeed, the New York Times, CNN, and Reuters.

Supporters of the president decrying the report as “fake news” conjured up through anonymous sources.

They always arise in such cases, and invariably prove to be cruel deceptions. Despite all these considerations, I would nevertheless let the parents take their boy where they wish. But there's a reason why, despite these exceptions, all societies grant parents sovereignty over their children until they reach maturity.

The sovereignty of loved ones must be the overriding principle that guides all such decisions. The irreducible truth is that these conundrums have no definitive answer. Parents are simply more likely than anyone else to act in the best interest of the child. Loved ones don't always act for the purest of motives. Charles Krauthammer is a Washington Post columnist.

Charlie's suffering is literally unimaginable and we are simply prolonging it. His doctors understandably believe that allowing a natural death is the most merciful thing they can do for Charlie.

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