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We walked in to mounds of shit and liquor pouches, to find the holiest of Sikh shrines, totally defiled.Gill walked straight, without once crouching and a few evenings later, when I met him again, for a one-on-one chat, he said, “The turban must always be held high.”Gill was fearless and that drove him and his chosen group of officers to commit large-scale human rights violations.

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Gill was a practising Sikh but his uniform was a part of his religion. He often shared his views of the intricate problem--the Jat support to the Khalistan torch-bearers, the polarisation between Sikhs and Hindus (in the 80s, the demography was divided ), the toll violence had taken on security forces and the judiciary.

Then, Punjab police officers were singled out and killed.

He earned his spurs during Operation Black Thunder in 1988 when he allowed the media to witness the entire operation that involved flushing out terrorists who had once again--after the 1984 Op Bluestar in which Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale was killed --fortified the Golden Temple and taken shelter.

He ordered water and electricity to be cut off and finally forced the terrorists to surrender in the full glare of television cameras.

The state was seething after army tanks had rolled into Golden Temple and damaged the Akal Takht--the seat of temporal power.

Many Sikhs in the police and army tendered their resignations and Gill, an Assam-cadre officer, stepped forward to reclaim the state from terrorists.

The top cop often found himself on the wrong side of the law he was supposed to uphold, but one of his greatest failings was that he paid scant respect to it.

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