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In this, Nintendo's userbase is hardly at odds with the rest of the world, which is rapidly ditching physical media libraries for digital ones.

But only on Nintendo platforms does this carry a particularly onerous burden.

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So far, Nintendo's sold nearly 3 million copies worldwide.

More than that, it seems the hardcore community doesn't hate it.

But the issue in dispute is not the quality of Nintendo's customer service call centers, but the fact this should not be a matter for Nintendo to resolve at its own discretion.

Rather, it should rightly be in the hands of the consumer.

And what luck: Nintendo is introducing a new Nintendo 3DS, called the New Nintendo 3DS, that boasts a better 3-D screen effect, more processing power and—importantly to players—a second analog stick a bit like the pointer nub on a laptop computer.

It should allow you to execute your most powerful attack without stressing your slide pad.The larger version has a 4.88-inch screen, but no customization.I nearly bought both, but quickly stopped myself when I remembered that because of Nintendo's policies, one of them would be almost completely useless to me.You can activate and deactivate your own Play Station hardware, or Apple devices.Yes, there's a limit to how many devices can be activated at once, but that limit is not "one," and you can switch them in and out at your leisure. The second Adventure Time title is nearly ready for the Nintendo 3DS, and the first screenshots of the new game have finally been revealed. In the 3DS game, players will be guided in their second screen by none other than BMO, the very adorable, very weird living video game console friend of Jake and Finn.

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