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With every pen set up, you'll need fasteners: twist ties, binder clips, and cable ties are all good options.

If you choose to have a communal Pignic (many piggies in pens), set up a girls' pen, a boys' pen, and a couple "time out" pens for pigs that don't get along well with others.

Once everyone arrives at your Pignic, it is a great idea to get a general consensus of how often you would want to meet, and whether the location you chose is ideal.

Then, just plan on returning to that spot the next time!

Keep chairs and stuff a few feet away from the pens. Keeping low while next to the pens allows everyone to have a clear view, and minimizes the risk of tripping over the walls of the pens. If you are a novice, have someone show you how to pick up a pig. Teach your children to ask before picking up, and make sure they know how to safely handle a guinea pig.

The less clutter around the pens, the less likely an accident will happen. Sitting close together allows Pignic attendees to share stories and information, and provides a safer experience for both people and pigs. Aggressive piggies should be kept separate from the main pens. Guinea pigs have different personalities and can bite if they are handled incorrectly. While handling pigs: keep these tips in mind: Use towels to pick up and hold unfamiliar pigs.

Large pens should generally be long and narrow, so people don't have to step inside to reach a pig.

Have a small team of "Pig Experts" who can help newcomers to your Pignic.

Here, Sally (Boston Pignic) inspects teeth and nails as part of this pig's check-in. Some people assume that their guinea pigs are just fine in a communal pen, and will go off to chat or play with other people.

Meanwhile, some unsupervised pigs end up creating trouble, and it's up to strangers to figure out what to do and to whom that pig belongs. People stepping into the pens pose a huge risk of injury to the pigs.

(when an item is left behind at a Pignic, for instance...) More printouts are coming soon.


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