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This is about a political understanding of power dynamics and how they reproduce themselves in our society and social behaviour.

With this as our starting point we can begin to have a conversation both as a society at large, and also as individuals on our Tinder dates, on how men can do better when it comes to using their d*ck without being one.

The worst thing that could happen after the #Me Too movement is for women to retract their sexualities from the equation for fear that they might be exploited and abused by predatory men.

Our sexualities are as varied as our culinary tastes, and it’s good that way.

You would tell your partner how you like your eggs, so why not how you like your sex too?

Dating and sex is as important for disabled people as anyone else, but there can be barriers to overcome in order to live a satisfied life in these areas.

The following tips on dating and sex for disabled people have been provided by members of our online community, and by Gill, our resident sex and relationships expert.

It comes from talking openly about what we want, when we want it and how we want it.

It comes from banning anyone who tries to shame us when we talk about it too.

It's important to use barrier protection wherever possible to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infection and pregnancy.

A very common problem is that traditional male condoms can be extremely fiddly if you have any issues with dexterity or fine motor skills.

Yes, I was up for casual sex with a regular partner, but after nearly two weeks of Harvey Weinstein front pages my libido had taken a dive.

“Interested…” was my reply where usually I would have been far more enthusiastic.

So if you ever want a better moment to tell a man what brings you pleasure, it is now ladies.


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  3. It won't take long before you find that perfect mix of slender, sexy, and seductive that will make a spectacular online date for the night.

  4. This is why I created the 2/2/2 rule to screen men through the online dating process.

  5. Stevie Wonder could have seen him walk through the front door.

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