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When you would like to spy an i Phone, all you need is the i Cloud ID.

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With the installation process done, open the various features supported by the app to choose the one that perfectly suits you.

The Spyzie app automatically integrates with the target phone and initiates the spying process. For you to spy on the target phone via its mobile camera, just log in to your Spyzie account and head to the control panel.

From this point, you will be able to see what the target person is up to.

For example, the screenshot below depicts the latest pictures taken by the owner of the phone.

The moment you select the monitoring sever, you will be in a position to see an IP address located below your screen.

Copy this IP address on your web browser and press "Enter" or "Search" depending on your browser settings.

To do this, tap on the "Actions" option and select the "Run in Background" option. You will now start monitoring the user of the phone and anyone around them at the comfort of your PC.

When it comes to spying, of course, a good number of us will go after an app that is free for use with the hopes of saving some extra dollars.

It is for this reason that it’s always advisable to go for an app that even though it’s expensive or charging for its services, at least you are guaranteed maximum cover throughout your spying ventures.

Without further ado, please allow me to introduce Spyzie: a one of a kind app that provides you with the utmost spying options which you can’t find in free to use apps.

Once you have entered the designated IP address, you will be in a position to see the following interface on your PC. The images and videos produced will be live and of high-quality.

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