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When we talk, it's total ecstasy." Now, though, they don't speak. At 39, does she still need father figures as directors, lovers, friends? But, no, I can't say that people I've been with are like father figures." (Her ex-husband, Ibrahim Moussa, would seem to disagree: "She never wanted to marry me," he has said.

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"Well, maybe there was one person I worked with that I had a relationship with.

And it's just so many fantasies." When people did see Nastassja Kinski, back in 1982, they saw one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Whether you’re looking to overcome your past so that you can raise your self-worth, break depleting habits like people pleasing, poor boundaries, being self-critical, or being triggered in certain situations — or to quite simply enjoy more fulfilling relationships with love, care, trust and respect — learning how to reclaim you from your emotional baggage and becoming more emotionally available through self-care, will make a profound difference to your life.

I inspire and empower people to do this every day and I’d love to work with you too, saving you a great deal of time, energy, effort and money so that you feel less stressed, anxious, frustrated, resentful, doubting and more, and instead feel more confident, loving, trusting, and free.

No amount of sexy underwear, cooking, prancing around like a performing seal and contorting myself into a pretzel in an attempt to be pleasing, was gonna fix my love life.

So, I started looking within, asking questions, compassionately exploring my past, road-testing ideas, letting go of baggage so that I could allow myself to heal, letting myself get the right support - basically allowing me to take steps every day to grow my self-esteem and person avoid what I went through and I could support others who have struggled with abandonment, rejection, trauma, people pleasing, emotional unavailability, and feeling ‘not good enough’, to name but a few, then I knew I was making a difference. For more than a decade, I’ve been sharing, not just insights and observations from my own journey, but sharing my gift for understanding our patterns, behaviour, emotions and relationships, giving clarity and healing to experiences and situations that people either couldn’t give a name or description to, or that they thought that they would never get over.

They saw, too, a vulnerable soul whose father had abandoned her when she was eight – 'I've had such low self-esteem; well, it definitely makes you feel you're worth nothing when the parent just bales out." They saw a girl whose mother Biggi – herself just 19 when Klaus Kinski plucked her from a Berlin glove shop and injected her into a fantasy world of fast cars, dream-like villas on the Via Appia Antica and serial infidelity - was incapable of engaging with the real world and whom Nastassja was proud to support financially from the age of 12, when she made her first film ("Nowadays they'd call it enabling"). Because you can't always do things of such quality; I can't say that happens all the time. It hasn't – not for me." She's referring, here, to the eight years she spent, from 1984 to 1992, sacrificing her career on the tainted altar of second-rate Italian films.

They saw a woman who had appeared, clad only in a snake, in a Richard Avedon photograph that decorated thousands on thousands of students' bedrooms. But she's also referring to the fact that, at the age of 23, she became pregnant, had a son, Aliosha, and married his father, an Egyptian film producer named Ibrahim Moussa.

She decided to go another way, she chose a different life from being with us." Biggi was against Nastassja's marriage and has rarely seen her daughter's children. Before our interview, she had sat for more than half an hour, hidden behind the tinted windows of a black limousine, talking into her mobile. She has, she says, had bronchitis; she's on "big antibiotics"; she has a hacking cough; she'd have put all this off to a later date except, "I heard you'd come all the way from England." And so she sits by the pool of the Magic Hotel, off Hollywood Boulevard, and asks, sweetly, for some herb tea, some juice and perhaps a muffin. Yet, in The Claim, she plays a tubercular mother in the California Gold Rush of 1849, coughing blood and allowing the British director, Michael Winterbottom, to shoot some unforgiving close-ups of her big-boned, big-lipped, big-eyed face. But she does, she accepts, have to survive; there are people who depend on her.

She is often referred to as a poet: 'She does write, and I think her poems are beautiful. At length, the car door opened and she appeared, the Motorola Nextel still clutched to her chestnut-brown hair. Hers is, though, a grown-up role, maturely executed. Benignly, one fan site on the internet hymns her as 'an anima woman, a goddess archetype as old as mankind, embracing something deeply embedded in our collective unconscious.' More cynically, the voluptuous mouth and grave young eyes Kinski displayed as a pre-pubescent were used to turn her into another archetype: the child-woman. Indeed, she talks often of her children; of how crucial it is to work at being a parent; of how it is her business to keep them safe and to protect them – "that's all I can say".

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