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It also supports Google Talk and other IM integration so you can chat with your other friends too. Fairly simple to use and has multi client support for MSN, Google Talk, Yahoo, Facebook and more.It also has voice and video chat, it’s quality being above average.Yahoo chat rooms are useful to find random people for video calls or you can use online Video chat room like Omegle, chatroulette for random video chat.

Alternatively, you can use Google to create video hangout.

Skype Skype is the other amazing video chat client that you can lay your hands on.

Google Talk video chat is available on Windows, Mac OS X and it works on Linux too.

You will, however, need to install a this plugin for the browser and you can video chat directly from Gmail, Orkut or i Google.

i Chat : Mac i Chat is the proprietary video and chat tool that comes pre-installed with Macintosh desktops.

It’s and It works great and has amazing video chat quality. Empathy : Linux Empathy is the built in chat client that you get with Ubuntu Linux, but you can also get it on any distribution of Linux that has Gnome.

But, it’s Google talk and video chat service is pretty awesome.

It’s clear, fast, doesn’t eat much resources, the quality is very good and best of all it works all the time!

Nowadays, almost every other chat client has video chat capabilities, however, not all of them are good when it comes to quality and performance.


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