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A couple (Renuka Shahane plays one half of this duo) embroiled in an accident.A sex worker (Mukta Barve) and her mother; a schizophrenic (Kishor Chaugule) with a bird cage in his hands; an NRI (Girish Kulkarni) in town to meet his hospitalized dad, unwilling to share his cab with a football fan (Nipun Dharmadhikari). There is a whole cast of others packed in various shared cabs, also in the mix.The camera stays inside the vehicles for most part, focusing on the characters and occasionally giving us an exterior shot to get an idea of the journey.

We focus on the people’s conversations, trying to decipher what their respective backgrounds are and what lies in store for them in this journey.

Highway isn’t a great movie only because of its plot or experimental shooting style.

Talk about being an out-of-the-box, art film experiment on a mainstream level.

The entire film is set on the Pune-Mumbai expressway.

It’s quite stunning to watch the movie unfold organically, as people sit around chit chatting.

There is some commentary on the human condition, themes of the choice between a career and a marriage – issues we can all relate to at some level.

The comic timing in is impeccable – Girish Kulkarni in particular brings the house down with his perennially-awkward NRI character, befuddled by his driver constantly talking on the phone, and someone else sharing his private taxi.

The second half takes an unexpected turn as a traffic gridlock brings everyone to a standstill, finally mixing everyone together.

There are a billion characters in the film, placed in cars, trucks and buses.

The audience is treated to a kaleidoscope of these characters swirling around, unintentionally clashing at times, with a plot being crafted out of their interactions with one another.

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