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In reality he failed to complete training as an Army reservist.

Shoeboxes for Heroes was established as a company in October 2015 but that status was dissolved in February this year and, according to Mr Webster, it has been running as an organisation with charitable aims.

'I am truly sorry for the hurt, harm, pain and shame I caused each of these ladies and my own wife who has been impacted by this old conduct.

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I was at college and he asked me to help with his charity.'He asked for my number and address "for security". He and a friend would ring at 3am and say they wanted sex talk.'He would ask what underwear I was wearing and say he was excited.

He said he needed someone young to have sex with to keep up with his sex appetite.

He initially said the accounts for the organisation were 'all online' but later claimed he 'didn't have to publish anything' and that they were instead 'in a folder'.

A spokesman for The Charity Commission said: 'Several concerns have been raised with the commission in regards to the organisation Shoeboxes For Our Heroes, which is not a registered charity with the commission.'We are currently assessing these concerns to determine what, if any, regulatory action is required.'The Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ, who expose bogus war heroes, told Mail Online: 'Chris and Sherian Webster both abused their positions for their own ego.

I fully accept this was totally inappropriate, morally and ethically wrong, spiritually wrong and I am deeply ashamed of the hurt I caused to these ladies, their husbands, their families and to my own wife and family.'Webster had set up the organisation in 2011 and attended events and carnivals dressed in Army uniform.

He lied about having been in the forces and suffering PTSD.

Men who find out will think you’re an easy target for unwanted attention.

In fact you may be just the latest in a long line of ego boosts that he obviously needs. If you are (un)lucky enough to have him eventually leave his wife you would always wonder…

'Despite this Webster would then attempt to send explicit text, pictures and videos of himself out of the blue to these women.' In a statement Mr Webster said he was 'deeply sorry' for his conduct.


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