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During the lock-out year of 2004–05, Fisher played overseas for EV Zug in the Swiss Nationalliga A.As NHL play resumed the next season, in 2005–06, Fisher emerged with 22 goals and 44 points, providing valuable secondary scoring for the Spezza-Heatley-Alfredsson line.Last year, TMZ reported that after Derek Fisher filed for divorce, Candace filed court documents saying that she was “blindsided” by the decision, which came one month after their 10-year anniversary, and that he screened all her calls and texts for two weeks.

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The duration of how long these disbursements will take place is not immediately clear from TMZ’s report.

The former couple also reportedly agreed to have their frozen embryos destroyed.

Wyatt has an easy manner, not lecturing, transparent with real life examples from his marriage.” (Summer 17, Dillon attendant) “I felt the marriage seminar covered the most pertinent things for couples and I learned many new ways to look at things and how to work on them. Speaks from personal experiences and doesn’t come across as ‘holier than though.’” (Summer 17, Dillon attendant) “I appreciated the personal stories and examples. I grew up Methodist but don’t consider myself a very religious person, this was a very comfortable setting that has made me more open to re-exploring my faith with my spouse. Loved the humor he brought to a number of sensitive and tough topics.” (Summer 17, Dillon attendant) “Lots of breakthroughs for my spouse and I, great marriage retreat for couples!

Wyatt is a great speaker, well prepared, I loved the stories from your marriage, more authentic that way.” (Summer 17, Dillon attendant) "It was so helpful and insightful, I loved how everything was approached through a Christian perspective. Wyatt was very engaging and relatable, loved that he spoke as a person with normal marriage struggles not as someone who has perfected it." (Spring 17, Colorado Springs attendant) "The seminar made me much more self aware and gave me many important things to think about and improve.... Wyatt's openness in discussing his own marriage and its shortcomings, which made ours seem more normal." (Spring 17, Colorado Springs attendant).

According to Fisher, although there were many trade deals for him, Ottawa GM Bryan Murray and Ottawa owner Eugene Melnyk had chosen to accept Nashville's offer so that Fisher could be closer to his wife, country singer Carrie Underwood.

Fisher played his first game with the Predators on February 12, 2011, and scored an assist in a 5–3 win over the Colorado Avalanche.

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Fisher debuted with the Senators in 1999–2000 and recorded 9 points in an injury-shortened 32-game rookie season.

He became known for his aggressive style of play and began to also show his penchant for offensive production as he improved to 18 goals and 38 points in his fourth season in 2002–03.

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