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However, my first obligation is to my readers, and I promise to always give my blunt, unadulterated opinion.

Sometimes, a company sends something for review, but my standard reviewing policy is that there is no guarantee of a good review, a bad review, or even a review at all.

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I have passionate opinions about everything; and, yes, sometimes I can be extremely harsh.

However, even when I hate something, you may want to try it out for yourself.

See also Americans Hate Tingle for regional examples. Moral Guardians are a specific type of Periphery Hatedom, who sometimes subvert the trope by directing their complaints at how they think the work will affect its audience.

However, they often play it straight by getting the target audience wrong, typically by assuming that everything of a particular genre must be kid-appropriate.

🙂 Perfume Review Policy & Disclosure Notice: At this time, I pay for almost all perfumes or perfume samples myself.

Like any sane person, I think it’s fun to receive new things to try out.

Tangentially related are Straw Hypocrite (hating someone for not sincerely holding beliefs that the hater never admired in the first place) and Straw Affiliation (criticizing someone for not being a "true" exemplar of a group to which the critic does not belong). Remember, this trope is specifically for examples where the hate comes from not pleasing a group that it never planned to reach in the first place.

Complaining about Shows You Don't Watch when you're fall here unless the work has a Fleeting Demographic (such as a lot of kids' shows, teen pop music, etc.) and the fan has grown out of it.

I’m a former corporate litigator and lawyer who no longer practices (I hated the law!


  1. That's when it all started up again and now we're secretly dating.

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  3. When her opinion of a specific place falls below 25, she refuses to go there anymore.

  4. Unser Dashboard liefert jedem Mitglied Ihres Teams die individuell benötigten Einblicke in Echtzeit.

  5. ,” and a video to match, starring electro princess Luciana. She’s one of those people that, even to this day, I’m like, “Oh my God, I can’t believe I did a song with Peaches.” It doesn’t seem real. People can say whatever they want to me, but at the end of the day I can say I have a fucking song with Peaches and they don’t. We never even met until the day before we shot the video [for “Guess What”], we just went back and forth through email …

  6. Online dating itself helps you to save a lot of time and it can rescue you from loneliness and the feeling of uselessness.

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