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Some 12 inches of rain fell in Mumbai between Tuesday and Wednesday flooding subways and streets.Around a dozen passengers were waiting on the platform at the Nallasopara station when the train came speeding through in the morning.

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Some can be heard calling out as they run for cover from the wall of water rushing towards them.'It seems the train passed at the speed of 100km/h (62mph) splashing water on passengers,' Subhash Gupta, described as a passenger activist, told the Hindustan Times.

'It was dangerous and railway authorities should probe the incident and take serious action.'Western Railway, which runs routes in the area, said that the train's speed kept within regulations.

Yes, the loco pilot should have reduced the speed of the train after seeing people standing at the platform.

Routine Diwali cleaning led Central Railway authorities to a hidden historical treasure.

The dramatic incident took place in Mumbai, India, on Wednesday and has angered activists, who say it endangered passengers.

It is believed the train was travelling at about 62mph when it hit the floodwater, sending a huge wave through the station.

India's railway safety standard says trains must reduce their speed to 30mph if there is at least four inches of water on the track but Western Railway claim the level at Nallasopara was 3.75 inches.


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