My photostream is not updating

Read-only Permissions Did you change the default folder for Photo Stream in Windows (via i Cloud Control Panel)? If you changed the folder to someplace else, do this: Read-only permissions can be a pain in the back especially in Windows.

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Sometimes, Photo Stream can fail to even register new photos taken or like in the above situation, fail to add the photos to Mac or PC.

This article provides you with a few solutions that you can try to fix the issue.

We don’t mean, once you are done taking the photo you press the home button.

We mean completely close the Camera app: Double tap on the home button and close the camera app up completely.

Most people don’t know this but photo stream may fail to work if your Camera app is still open.

In fact, it will only work if your camera app is completely closed.

“I am having problems getting new photos on my Mac. It is not uncommon to see photos added on i Phone not show up on other devices like an i Pad.

I have tried everything but it just shows that it’s uploading but nothing happens. ” Photo Stream has been celebrated as one of the best ideas Apple has had so far but it’s not without its problems.

Close Camera App If you don't close your camera app, you're going to have a bad time with Photo Stream sync.

Photo Stream is made to work that way: it's only when you close the camera that the photos automatically get synced to the Photo Stream and then finally to all your i Devices.

Of course, restore is not an option if it's just Photo Stream that ain't working. ” look if someone tells me I'll have to restore my i Phone just because Photo Stream doesn't work for a while.

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