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Ben I’m currently immersed in designing my programme next week…Coaching Leaders.

It’s a 3-day journey working with a group of brilliant coaches and professionals.

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So I’m dedicating 2013 to stepping up my level of courage in my own life - as a parent, husband, friend, author, coach, consultant and business partner.

I always take one overarching theme as the focus of my growth each year.

For example, if you want to enjoy a creative live decide to be creative.

If you want to inspire others choose to be inspired.

A fantastic challenge and naturally filled with complexity.

I know that the key to success will be to remember what’s important every step of the way.

Together we are going to raise our game to bring out the best in others.

We will start by exploring the importance of understanding the context in which people lead.

Whatever the situation leading with more courage is usually the solution.


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