Naughty cam without credit card

I submit to it, but I don't feel safer because of it.If anything, it has the opposite effect of making me think we're all doomed because we're so clueless and easily manipulated.• December 8, 2006 PM Yes, put the serial number under a scratch-off coating...

Naughty cam without credit card-44

A PIN could protect against this, but only if it is not guessable given the serial number.

• December 8, 2006 PM This is a new version of an old scam.

Israel Torres • December 8, 2006 PM The problem is that the card's serial number must be accessible to the retailer, so that it can be activated once purchased.

(Stealing an unactivated one just gets you a piece of plastic.) Most stores use the optical-scan bar code.

Still, several changed their design.b • December 8, 2006 PM "Most stores use the optical-scan bar code.

Eliminating the human-readable text will just make the thieves use a scanner instead. " Actually the scan can be a separate activation key, with the only link between it and the human readable number stored in the company's (supposedly) secure database.

• December 8, 2006 PM Since we seem to have so much knowledge in the area.

Does anyone have a list of gift card manufacturing companies on the two sides of this matter? By manufacturer I don't mean Home Depot, etc, I mean whoever it is that supplies their gift cards.

:-) • December 8, 2006 PM Even with a scratch-off coating, stores that use gift cards with sequential or easily guessable serial numbers are still at risk.

The attacker starts by buying one card, and working their way down the list of possible numbers in sequence.

Seems they take the cards off the racks in stores and copy down the serial numbers.

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