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Also known as Attack and Defense, this simple Nerf war variant is focused on one team defending and one team attacking a certain “territory.” It is most often played on playgrounds, because the playground structures provide natural places to hide, attack, and defend.

The goal of the game is to “kill” all of the defending team and/or to take control of their territory. One team takes a defined area to defend, while the other team, called the offensive team, tries to take over that area.

The teams then defend their own flag while simultaneously venturing into the other team’s territory to capture their flag.

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These rules are determined ahead of time by the participants in each game.

Domination, also known as Control Points, has similarities to Siege the Fort, but is different enough to stand as its own separate Nerf war type.

However, there are a few ways to change up the game.

The most common method is to change the times for respawning for the offensive team, to change the time the defenders must survive in order to win, and to change the area or object that must be captured in order for the offensive team to win.

In this game, each team acts as both a defensive and an offensive team, seeking to take over all of the other participants’ territories. Each territory is assigned a number of control points, with one control point being designated as the team base control point.

The goal is to capture all of the control points for the opposing team. Teams seek to take over the control points of the opposing team, ending with the team base control point.

Participants who are shot are out for the rest of the game.

The winner is the last person to survive the onslaught.

Another form of Deatmatch, called Free for All, pits every individual against every other participant. Finally, Pistols, also known as Goldeneye, can be played.

This variation of Deathmatch uses only pistols or single shot blasters.

When the hit count to be killed is only one, the game is called Goldeneye. With Nerf guns, Capture the Flag gains an exhilarating twist, as participants try to avoid each others’ darts and discs.


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