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My goal is to get it so I can treat it as a “normal” car and take it anywhere in town.

Then, I’ll yank the engine out so I can paint the firewall then complete it. With a little concentration, I think I can do that in a year (he says with great hope in his voice). The difference between the Sprints and the Big Cars is that the Big Cars had transmissions like a regular car where the Sprints only have “crash boxes.” They were either in or out of gear.

In fact, if he’d been sitting up there with a very slightly modified bolt action and a good scope, there would have been fewer shots fired but they would have been much more accurate. Incidentally, have you noticed how little North Korea has been talked about in the last few weeks.

I’ve never lived in hurricane country, but I was born and raised in Nebraska and Oklahoma so tornadoes, epic thunder storms and killer hail are just part of my childhood.

I’ve seen far more piles of kindling that used to be some’s home-sweet-home than I care to think about.

This guy was so methodical that even engaging in Monday Morning Quarterbacking, I can’t see a way he could have been caught. BTW – if the entire crowd had been carrying hand guns, not a single thing would have changed. Then, of course, there are the ancillary tornadoes hurricanes toss off like weeds growing around the edge of our yard.

All of this got me thinking about my version of a house for all seasons and locations.

And I’ve had a house in mind that I’d build, should I ever yield to the temptation to move back to Oklahoma. Here in AZ, we really don’t have much in the way of natural disasters. And don’t think a desert fire is something like a front yard grass fire. It’s a wall of flame 20-feet high moving faster than the average man can run.

But, with the right equipment (airplanes, etc), they’re relatively easy to contained.

My BS meter hasn’t come off the peg since this thing happened.

ISIS has claimed credit three times, which is probably just them trying to take credit for something they didn’t do, but the vote is still out on that too. It took about five minutes for gun control to enter the fray. But, I can understand why folks on the side did that.

Called them and had to drive back in, the three worse hours of traffic in the US, the next morning and then back out headed home. But, it was worth every second of it to be with the California Davisson Clan. Doing Another Stupid Thing Although I had sworn I wasn’t going to add any more major projects to my to-do list, I knew I was lying at the time.

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