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You can find Air Port Utility by going to your Applications folder (or the stack on your Dock) and looking for the Utilities folder. Click on it, then click the Edit button at the bottom right.Click on the Network tab at the top, and check the Enable Access Control check-box. Timed Access Control is where you will indicate which devices are allowed to access the internet at what times.

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Currently, Positive Living Society provides a full range of services that all our members are encouraged to use, including: * Health and Wellness programs * Community Health Fund * Positive Living magazine (stay connected get informed) * Peer Navigation services.

In June, we will be contacting our membership about our upcoming Annual General Meeting and we would encourage our women members to consider running for a position on our Board of Directors in August 2017.

April 4, 2017 Dear members & friends, It is with mixed emotions that we share this important news with you.

After extensive discussion and careful consideration, the Positive Women’s Network (PWN) Board of Directors has decided to close its doors.

We have recognized the ongoing effects of colonization on the history and experiences of Indigenous women and have applied the principles of GIPA and MIWA to our work.

By responding to the needs of individual women through women-specific services and working together as a community of women with shared values and goals, our impact has been phenomenal.

In the MAC Address field, type the MAC Address of the device (more on that in a bit).

In the Wireless Access Times section, set the days and times that the device will be allowed to access the internet and click Save.

This can be helpful in situations where parents want to keep kids off of the internet after a certain time.

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