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Crew: Camera (Technicolor, widescreen), Javier Aguirresarobe; editor, Nancy Richardson; music, Marco Beltrami, Buck Sanders; music supervisor, Alexandra Patsavas; production designer, Martin Whist; supervising art director, Gilles Aird; art director, Jean Kazenmirchuk; set decorator, Suzanne Cloutier; costume designer, George L. Little; sound (Dolby Digital/Datasat), Louis Marion; sound designer, Leslie Shatz; supervising sound editor, Martyn Zub; re-recording mixers, Chris David, Gabriel J.

An inspired mashup of zombie heart and romantic-comedy brains, “Warm Bodies” offers a welcome twist on the living-dead canon, even if the decidedly femme-skewed results ignore pretty much every rule of the genre.

Hoping to do for flesh-eaters what “The Twilight Saga” did for vampires, albeit on a smaller scale, writer-director Jonathan Levine spins Isaac Marion’s novel into a broadly appealing date movie about a zombified Romeo and his lively Juliet.

It helps that by the film’s rules, ingesting brains allows zombies to absorb their victims’ memories, which affords R glimpses into happier, pre-apocalyptic times whenever he noshes on pieces of Perry.

Since the story sees no reason the two lovers should not be joined, the only challenge that remains is convincing humans and zombies to join forces against those nasty Bonies — badly rendered mo-cap skeletons that are not up to the pic’s otherwise impressive production values.

Because I have been thinking about it since last year, these reveals will be even better.

Honestly, if you are ever going to do a reveal day, tomorrow is probably the one you should hang out for.

Though the visual effects sometimes disappoint, the crew achieves scope via aerial photography and ideal Montreal locations.

The pic keeps the horror quotient in check while focusing on the femme-friendly comedy and romance angles, offsetting the plentiful moments of suspense with cutesy scenes like the one in which Julie’s best friend (Analeigh Tipton) gives R a human makeover.

Executive producers, Laurie Webb, Cori Shepherd Stern, Nicolas Stern.


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