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Fire and Water make an astonishing amalgam of passion and calmness between a Leo and a Cancer.

There is likely to be an enormous attraction between the two and warmth of expression which both the signs need to feel comfortable in a relationship.

He never dominates on his lady and let her make her own decisions.

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The Leo woman can gladly let the Cancer man take the lead as far as the physical aspect of the relationship is concerned.

So it’s like that she rules in day time and he rules in bed time.

Lack of compassion may make their physical relationship lackluster.

It would help him in bed if he, once in a while, gifts her some sexy jewelry or her favorite dress or something.

In love with a Leo woman, he can play the role of an ideal romantic lover effortlessly.

He easily woos his Leo woman with his loving nature and perfect gentleman attitude.

He is quite enduring and shows a lot of compassion.

Once he aims for something, he hardly looks back or regret on his decision.

The compatibility between the Cancer man and Leo woman can be extremely good as lovers as they give up all the grudges and fall deeply and selflessly in love with each other.

He who is totally in love with her supports her to take the leap in to a career which interests her and he also let her take the reigns of the house.

He expresses his displeasure towards his Leo love in a very subtle manner instead of losing his temper.

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