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The new generation of gaming platforms will help us expand our computer-generated movies into interactive entertainment like never before.

We have released games across multiple platforms based on "Shrek," "How To Train Your Dragon," and "Madagascar." Collectively to date, these titles have shipped more than 10 million units across multiple platforms worldwide.

This comedy for the entire family tells the story of two imaginative pranksters named George and Harold, who hypnotize their principal into thinking he’s a ridiculously enthusiastic, dimwitted superhero named Captain Underpants.

Striving for the best storytelling imaginable, Dream Works rewrites the rules of what’s been done by encouraging its team and fans alike to imagine something different.

In the Golden Age of television and a new era in digital media, Dream Works Animation is spreading its dragon wings into all of it, dreaming up new adventures that bring our beloved stars to your television, computer, and mobile device so that you can enjoy our heroes’ journeys 365 days a year.

Verzi chatu pracující na technologii Flash doporučujeme všem našim uživatelům.

Chcete-li využívat plné funkce webu, musíte ve svém prohlížeči povolit prohlížení obsahu ve formátu Flash.

Technologii Flash ve svém prohlížeči povolíte stisknutím „přepínače“.

Flash můžete také zprovoznit stisknutím ikony ve tvaru dílku skládačky puzzle v pravém horním rohu prohlížeče.

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Mějte však na paměti, že verze webu využívající HTML-5 má omezenou funkčnost (neoptimalizovaná kvalita videa možnost zpožděného streamování).


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