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In the East, everything flip-flopped so that the Washington Mystics grabbed first seed (for the first time in its history) and Indiana slipped to third.Friday’s game between the Mystics and New York Liberty was as good as it gets, with 13,000 fans in the stands to watch.Web page adult sex games online is that it will probably just as the.

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So, Officer Awkward actually could be fired from the Memphis PD because she’s gay.

Perhaps Officer Awkward’s visibility on Police Women of Memphis will bring the unfairness of discrimination to the attention of TPTB in Memphis.

(Baseball is more important to ESPN2 than WNBA, so check ESPN360 online if the start of the game is preempted again.)As promised, here are highlight reels from Wednesday night’s games.

If you comment on the outcome, please alert us to spoilers in your title.

The Connecticut Sun came in Sunday with guns a-blazing to teach New York a lesson, despite not having a seed to win, but Cappie Pondexter wasn’t about to be schooled.

She had 31 points, six of which were in overtime, and the Sun lost by one.Meanwhile, join us in wishing the best to Virginia and Ashley Awkward as they continue their journey. I felt like every team performed at playoff level — and that made for some exciting basketball. In the West, seeds weren’t set until Sunday, when the San Antonio Silver Stars scrapped their way to third seed with two last-second buckets from Sophia Young.We knew that Officer Awkward married her partner Ashley Awkward (a former pro basketball player) in Canada two years ago and took Ashley’s last name.She told Dara that the couple planned a ceremony in Memphis to celebrate the marriage.Still, Diana Taurasi was the highest scorer in the WNBA and the team’s confidence probably got a boost from her contract extension this week.


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