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In a recent interview, he opens up about all his “pinch me” moments he experienced and a few things the fans don’t know.“I remember instantly, the first time we did the read-through.

The group has achieved national notice because of its picketing of funeral processions of U. It maintains that God hates homosexuals above all other kinds of "sinners" and that homosexuality should be a capital crime.

Louis Theroux stated that the Phelpses are the most extreme people he has ever met.

Stephen Colbert mocked President Donald Trump for hiring his daughter during his monologue on “The Late Show” on Thursday.

“Ivanka Trump will beocme a federal employee in the White House, serving as the president’s eyes and ears …

Charlotte Cassadine is the daughter of Valentin Cassadine and Lulu Spencer, carried by Claudette Beaulieu.

She was born from an embryo that Helena Cassadine created and tried to pass off as her son, Stavros' child with Lulu.

Ivanka Trump is slated to become the President's "eyes and ears" as she begins her official job at the White House.

#LSSC pic.twitter.com/h S3dn NNTe I — The Late Show (@colbertlateshow) March 31, 2017The Wrap's compiled 17 of the biggest and best viral videos from late-night TV in 2016.

With President Trump's approval rating under 40 percent, a record low, Democrats won decisively in two governors' races last night.


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