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Don’t be scared, but if you tip 7 Pumpkins at once, it’ll summon a whole Pumpkin Patch that will reign from the heavens!

It’s an extraordinary wonder to behold, and it only happens during our Halloween Festivities.

During our Halloween Celebration, customers can expect to see sexy costumes, incredibly fun competitions, and even special Halloween performances from your favorite models!

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Ever wish you could Trick or Treat in a neighborhood filled with the sexiest models online?

You’ve hit the jackpot, because that’s exactly what our Customer Trick or Treat Contest entails!

Our models will be hunting for digital Pumpkins during our Halloween Festivities, and our customers will be able to gift as many Pumpkins as they want to their favorite models to help them win!

There will be two different types of winners at the end of the six-day hunt, and the top 10 girls who collect the most pumpkins AND receive pumpkins from the most unique customers will win a spooktacular cash prize!

If you want your favorite model to collect the highest number of Pumpkins during the model Pumpkin hunt, give them as many Pumpkins as you can!

You can find the tip interface in the chatroom, and you can even tip 7 pumpkins at once to summon a whole Pumpkin Patch!Go ahead and give it a try by tipping your favorite model 7 Pumpkins, if you dare!Our Halloween Festivities wouldn’t be complete without a sexy costume contest…or 6.(Chicago, IL) I'm trying to find a nice guy to take me out on a date, and simply find out where it leads.I have got a pic for you if you ask, I am certain you'll like it.Visit our site every day during our Halloween Festivities and vote for your favorite costumes so that you can help our bewitching models win our daily Costume Contests and receive cash prizes!


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