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Your child and her friends might also see sexting as part of building relationships and self-confidence, and exploring sexuality, bodies and identities.

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It’s also a good idea for your child to practise saying no.

For example, she could use humour by saying ‘Yes, why not?

Here are some questions that can get a conversation going: If your child has questions about sexting, try to answer them as honestly and openly as you can.

If you have concerns about the risks of sexting, you could explain your concerns and why you’d prefer your child didn’t send sexts.

You could also explain that once images are on the internet they can be very difficult to remove.

It’s also important to talk with your child about the legal side of sexting.

Sexting is making sexually suggestive images and sharing these images using mobile phones or by posting them on the internet and social media.

The images might be photographs of yourself or someone else naked or partially naked.

Breaching consent by sharing a sext isn’t respectful or OK.

It’s also not OK to share other people’s sexts or to send a nude to someone who hasn’t asked for one.

Although there are risks and teenagers can be pressured into sexting or swayed by peer influence, it isn’t as simple as this.


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