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Cited influences included progressive rock bands such as Genesis, Yes and UK, but also soul musicians such as Steve Arrington and songwriters such as Joni Mitchell.

Francis Dunnery has repeatedly stated his admiration for The Smiths and Morrissey.

It Bites may also be described as a band as heavily influenced by pop as it is by progressive rock.

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Louis phase (during which they produced detailed hard rock songs with elements of heavy metal and glam rock); and the current reunion phase (in which they play a more measured melodic progressive rock similar to that of the Once Around The World phase).

The band have historically incorporated and quoted from a wide variety of additional styles including jazz fusion, sea shanty, soul, children's songs, reggae, go-go, classical, music hall, and swing.

Although Virgin's efforts to boost the band's commercial profile were ultimately unsuccessful, the band still proved themselves popular as a live act, playing sell-out gigs across the UK, US and Japan, and touring with Jethro Tull and the Beach Boys.

Certain band members also participated in outside projects - Nolan recording with Tony Banks (on his 1989 Bankstatement album) and Dunnery singing backing vocals on the debut Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe album during the same year.

One year later, It Bites reunited in 1984 after a meetup in Egremont, and this time opted to relocate entirely to London.

All four members moved into a squat in Peckham and spent a year living hand-to-mouth and writing original material.

(which documented the history of the electric guitar.

Francis Dunnery featured prominently in the programme, comparing his Japanese and American Fender Stratocaster guitars and discussing technique and equipment.

Virgin Records had insisted on some more pop-orientated sessions with producer Steve Hillage which resulted in the minor hit singles "Kiss Like Judas" (February 1988) and "Midnight" (April 1988).

The first single from the album "Old Man And The Angel" (a heavily edited version of a lengthy track from the Wallis sessions) peaked at number 72 in the singles charts.

Instead of flying around at 9,000 miles an hour, I've been playing tunes that people can remember." However, the band also chose to commission the artwork for Eat Me in St.

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