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When Parker was a fully grown adult, she was recruited by Victor Dubenich, along with Nathan Ford, Alec Hardison, and Eliot Spencer, to "steal back" intellectual property which he claimed had been stolen from him.

However, things turned around when they discovered that he was taking them for himself, and the intellectual property had never belonged to him. However the plan failed when James "Jim" Sterling got involved, which resulted in Parker's capture.

At some point Parker taught her younger brother, Nick, how to ride a bike.

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Nate then asked Sophie Devereaux to come and help them in a con in which they would turn on their former client. Sophie then retrieved Parker, and Hardison destroyed the group's own headquarters, as part of a plan to disappear. The plan worked out well; they pretended to take the Two Davids, forcing that exhibit to be shut down, when in reality they took everything else in that gallery. wouldn't pay out on insurance under any conditions.

Later after Nate had become an alcoholic, Sophie set up a con in order for him to get revenge on I. Then, they returned everything they'd taken -- after Nate made Sterling agree to get rid of Blackpoole and Blackpoole's policy that I. The leverage team then split up once more, in attempt to lie low.

After Nate's arrest, Parker and the rest of the group teamed up in order to try and come up with a plan in order to bust him out, which they did.

After Sophie failed to get Nate enthusiastic about the plan, Nate found the group a client within the prison walls.

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Parker is an expert thief, and a guide to the Leverage team.

Put into a foster system at a young age, she is socially awkward, but is slowly overcoming that.

As it turned out the prison's warden was corrupt, and the team came up with a plan to take him down and break Nate out at the same time.

After their plan succeeded, the team set up Leverage again.

Shortly afterward, Sophie takes a leave of absence from the team, leaving Tara Cole to take over for her as the grifter of the group.

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