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She reportedly spoke with an American accent and claimed to be a 35-year-old from the Bahamas who worked in South Africa, but police do not know her real identity or age.The brunette is said to use three different names – Christy Dunn, Martha Cameron and Miranda Stinson – and is believed to have links to the Bahamas, South Africa, Botswana, London and Bristol.

An estimated 8 million adults in the UK used online dating sites in 2016 – a huge increase from just 100,000 at the turn of the century.

On average, victims of romance scams are conned out of around £10,000.

It isn't that you can't find a person of substance online -- people can and do.

It's that the interface lends itself to superficial judgment, simply by nature of an online simulacrum -- all kissy faces and six-packs and humble brags and innuendo -- before meeting. I acknowledge that there are people who have forged healthy relationships that began online, but I find that is the exception and not the rule.

In general, I find that online dating culture is hiijaking love from those of us who seek it in earnest.

Let's lay off the desperate questing and consider this: there are probably hundreds, maybe thousands, of people in the world with whom we could be happy.

Avon and Somerset police issued a photograph of the woman ahead of a Crimewatch appeal broadcast last night.

Detective constable Simon Da Costa said the woman met her victim in February 2014, communicating with him through the website’s direct messaging facility and then with video calls via Skype.

An international manhunt has been launched for a ‘romance’ con artist suspected of scamming a British man out of £200,000 after meeting him on a dating site.


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