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It has also been reported that emojis for a lightning bolt and a heart refer to ecstasy.Miss Dooley said: 'I fear it is going to take something very tragic to happen to these kids before [location app] Yellow, Instagram and Snapchat wake up and take action.Until then it will continue to be a drug dealers' paradise.'Snapchat, which has 250million global users and is used by more than 75 per cent of UK teens, said: 'We encourage all Snapchatters to report anything to us that doesn't belong on Snapchat.'Instagram, which has 700million monthly users, said it urges anyone who comes across content like that in the film to report it.

The hikes come amid an overall fall in the numbers going to university this year, fuelled in part by a drop in older students and fewer coming to study in the UK from the EU.

The latest snapshot, taken four weeks after A-level results day, show that in both England and Scotland, entry rates have risen every year since 2013, reaching the highest point recorded this year.

This means that around one in four Scottish teenagers of this age go to university.

But in Northern Ireland and Wales, entry rates have fallen slightly this year, and stand at 34.8 per cent and 29.1 per cent respectively.

“Going to university is still a huge benefit to individuals in terms of lifelong skills, earnings, and the experience of meeting people from all corners the world.” The Ucas figures show that compared to last year, there are fewer students in general from England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and the EU, while the numbers from Scotland and countries outside the EU have increased.

In total, there were 29,850 EU students placed on courses this year, a 2 per cent fall on last year.

“This year, young people from the most advantaged parts of the UK are 2.3 times more likely to enter higher education than those from the most disadvantaged areas, down from 2.4 times more likely last year.” Helen Thorne, Ucas director of external relations, said: “Progress is being made on increasing the participation of 18-year-olds across all social groups and we have seen the largest increase in acceptances amongst those living in the most disadvantaged areas of the UK.

Children are using social media to buy and sell Class A drugs, an investigation found.

“Again this year, the proportion of 18-year-olds in the UK applying for university are at their highest ever levels.

“There were a variety of reasons behind the drop in overall applications this year, including the decline in the number of 18 and 19 year olds, changes to funding for degrees in nursing, and the possible impact of the vote to leave the EU.

The entry rate for 18-year-olds, typically school leavers, in England is now 33.3 per cent, up 0.8 percentage points on last year, meaning that one in three students now go on to higher education.

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