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He was Assistant to the Premier of Saskatchewan in the until 1966, Director of Secretary of State for all three prairie provinces in the until 1975, Director of Immigration for Ontario until 1979, Director of Immigration Canada (Special Client Needs) until 1985 when he retired, out of disgust for the Mulroney cabinet's backstabbing ways.He knew Diefenbaker, and was fond of him as a person, but thought he was not much of a statesman, He knew Joe Clark, and was fond of him, but thought he was ineffectual as a PM, He met Trudeau a few times, and while he thought PET was a little too flashy sometimes, he thought of him as the best Prime Minister of the last century, ...

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The very idea of Trudeau to every military person with the partisan agenda of protecting Canada that I've ever met have felt justified having only negative things to say about the man and his policies.

In the meantime please feel free to go ahead and dismiss this article and website:"Pierre Trudeau Exposed as Anti-Semite and Admirer of Fascism"A new biography of the former prime minister, whom Canadians have long been taught to regard as a great liberal politician, reveals that as a youth and young man, Mr.

Trudeau was an anti-Semite, admired fascist dictators such as Hitler and Mussolini, promoted revolution and longed for an independent and Catholic Quebec that would be home only to francophones.""We discovered a Trudeau who was remarkably different from what we and everyone else had assumed," authors Max and Monique Nemni write in their book, Young Trudeau: Son of Quebec, Father of Canada, 1919-1944.(Excerpted from Robert Sibley, The Ottawa Citizen, May 31, 2006) The Mythos of Pierre Trudeau Pierre Trudeau has inspired a devoted following amongst Canadians.

Now have you any real evidence for what you are saying or do we relegate it to the same level of proof that usually graces the pages of journals like Der Stuhrmer or a Jack Chick tract?

Richler's most frequent conflicts were with the Jewish community,[1] English Canadian nationalists, and Quebec nationalists.

Critics took particular exception to Richler's allegations of anti-semitism.

[3]In The Atlantic Monthly, around the time of the first election of the Parti Québécois (PQ) in 1976, Richler linked the PQ to nazism, by asserting that the theme song of the 1976 PQ campaign "À partir d'aujourd'hui, demain nous appartient" was a Nazi song, "Tomorrow belongs to me..." the chilling Hitler Youth song from Cabaret. Neither the remainder of the text, nor the music, are related. Lament for a divided country." By: Richler, Mordecai. 240 Issue 6, p34;4 "Controverse autour du livre Oh Canada Oh Québec! While at university during the war, he came across some nineteenth-century German military uniforms in the attic of a friend.

Either establish your premise with some actual evidence or withdraw your ridiculous claim.


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