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) and so, naturally, it's time for us to reach for our faithful LBD.

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The Penshoppe icons are out to prove they are more than just pretty faces and good artists (they even have several awards to prove it! When you are not dressing up for work or for the camera, what do you typically wear?

), as they share more of their personal lives and how they got to where they are now.

Mario, who has a Filipino best friend and even did a movie with actress Erich Gonzales, has been exposed to several Pinoy traditions, like cooking adobo—his favorite Filipino dish. Mario is one of the important people who helped me pursue my career. But since I became an actress, I hardly have time to spend with my family.

Both Mario and Baifern were impressed with what Pinoy fans have done to them like handing them meticulous handmade gifts, like a miniature “bahay kubo” assembled inside a bottle or a photobook that story-told a fan’s love for them. So whenever I have free time, I usually go out with my family. What Filipino traditions or traits have you been exposed to?

Their break-up pushed Lydia to quit the ITVBe reality show in May 2017, amid claims that she wanted to avoid run-ins with him.

Despite wanting to focus on their owns lives, Arg was spotted spending time with his former flame at V Festival on August 20.

Keen to obtain the same results as Mario - who later admitted he was delighted with the procedure - James is paying £6,500 to be surgically enhanced by the same London based specialist, Dr. And the reality star has very clear ideas about who he wants to look like.

'I want a nose like Ray Liotta in Goodfellas or Mark Ronson,' he said.

I try to be myself and charming but if they don't fancy me I want them coming away saying "Arg was a nice guy".'His appearance comes after he revealed he is taking the next step in his dramatic physical transformation by having cosmetic surgery to reduce the size of his nose.

The Only Way Is Essex star will undergo surgery as he continues to rejuvenate his lifestyle and work on his physical appearance following a make-or-break 10-week stay at a Thai retreat in February.

People think I'm restricting or starving myself but I'm just eating the right stuff.

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