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Thus, allowing listeners to focus on the babble of the flowing river, the pelting rain, and deep reverberations of bubbles in a vast cave.

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Like how I love glass tapping, but some audio files can get too loud, too quiet, or just gets too fast and sharp for my liking.

The crystalites track in this set is just right for me.

The color looks cheerfull, i really like it, it's makes you remember about Atelier Series and another Anime Style Games, good for game project the artist seems to be an rpg tsukuru user in the past, and i really like his graphic style, as this is my first buy, i look forward to use this asset on my game, with reasonably cheap price, this usage license is really wotrh it, i hope no one will pirate this asset in the future This is the usual solid Tomimi Retreat work.

A full soundscape of slightly understated sounds of ambience and direct ASMR.

It's not a big deal, but it would have been nice to have. I'm always on the hunt for quality asmr, sleep-inducing, calming tracks to listen to.

Youtube is a great provider for such content, but I always find myself being a bit picky with certain sounds.If you should decide to buy it, I wish all of you sweet dreams~If you were looking for something extra long to fall asleep to, then you've come to the right place.This asmr-infused voice set is recorded for your sleeping pleasure with a theme centered around warm flames and the sounds of crackling fire.It's a very simple product but it does its job well.I've grown rather drowsy re-listening to it as I'm writing this review so the asmr aspect is definitely working its magic.There's not much talking done which makes it really nice to appreciate the quiet moments that accentuates the clatter, or the clunking, or the dripping, or the swishing.

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