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In 2007, he played the Spartan politician Theron in 300 and Detective Poppil in Hannibal Rising.

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On that occasion, her parents did not say a word, she said, because they were so happy she was remarrying.

Lady Astor, who once said she and Mrs Cameron were "bored rigid by politics," admitted that she had endured something of a fragmented upbringing, which left her feeling insecure.

But it was hard living with the Astors, particularly my stepfather and the siblings.

You always felt like you were Cinderella" She added: “My mother was very tough with me, too. And she said: ‘You know, Annabel, you’re going to bore your friends. Go to America and don't come back until you can face the world again.’” Lady Astor went to New York and a few weeks after she returned, met her current husband, William Astor, the Fourth Viscount Astor, with whom she had three more children.

The couple separated when she was eight and her mother went on to marry her future husband’s uncle, Michael Astor, who had four children from his first marriage.

“I fell into this Astor world of huge riches and French chefs and butlers,” she said.

In 1999, she founded the Oka furniture chain, which now has 12 stores in England and is about to be launched in the US.

But despite her hard-working ethic, she admitted it had not been easy to get the business of the ground.

West stars as Noah Solloway on Showtime's series The Affair, which premiered October 2014. Around 2009, he starred at London's Donmar Warehouse as the protagonist in Helen Edmundson's adaptation of Pedro Calderon de la Barca's existential drama Life Is a Dream, for which he received glowing reviews.

In 2009, West starred in a series of online films known as "The Carte Noire Readers".

When potential investors kept turning her down, she vowed: “I’m going to make this into the biggest company I can possibly make it so I can look back on my life and say, ‘I did it!


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