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With its automated production tools, powder handling, recycling functions and mobile production controls, this SLS production printer allows you to streamline your workflow and accelerate your production time.

As a result, this SLS machine can deliver production speeds up to seven times faster than comparable SLS technologies.

Our enterprise integration and business automation product line is just what your Data Flo system needs to increase its functionality and extend its life.

Kore's Experience with Data Flo is Unrivaled in the Industry.

In fact, each member of the Data Flo Service Team has no less than 15 years of Data Flo experience.

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The phrase "Net 10th Prox" means that payment for goods or services received is due on or before the 10th of the following such a relatively tender morsel of meat; but my fears were groundless, as the beast, after surveying me intently for a moment, crossed the room to the only exit which led to the street, and lay down full length across the threshold.With the Pro X SLS 500 3D printing machine, you can print high-resolution nylon parts with unmatched, consistent mechanical properties and excellent material efficiency—all while speeding up lot production times and reducing material waste.Bring your design to life and create real functional parts with our additive and traditional manufacturing technologies.Get an instant quote or consult with our experts to start your project today.Of every kilogram of SLS nylon material used in a build on the Pro X SLS 500, up to 95% (950 grams) is turned into parts.


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