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The case has been adjourned to June 26, for mention.The date and time that the password for this account was last changed.Sub Engineers are posted in various sections under the Sub Divisions and they are assisted by Site Assistant/Time keepers.

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Assistant Project Engineers are posted under Project Engineer.

To introduce innovative Technology in the Construction and Maintenance of road network.

A businessman and five former employees of the Public Works Department have been given another date as four of the accused who are serving prison terms were not present in court yesterday.

The former PWD employees are Asenaca Manuapa Kanaivalu and prisoners Laisa Halafi, Vaciseva Lagai, Amelia Vunisea and Ana Laqere.

Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption counsel Sanjana Datt has asked the court to serve a production order for the accused who were serving prison terms as they were not present in court.

Kumar, Halafi, Kanaivalu, Lagai, Vunisea and Laqere are charged with conspiracy to commit a felony.

To provide an adequate and efficient Road system encompassing all transportation needs so as to ensure smooth and uninterrupted flow of goods and passengers traffic both within the State as well as on interstate routes.

To provide sustainable development of Road network in the State.

Public Work Department has two wings PWD (B&R) & PWD PIU.

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