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I went into a room recently and some of the people were “pretending” to be obnoxious to someone.

Now if you know the person pretending and they have a solid history of not being that way, one session of pretending doesn’t change your perception of them.

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One of the nicest parts of doing the website is meeting people.

I met the cutest Japanese girl who was much more of a role player than I am.

) Have Sense while attacking (You cannot have some big ol’ Attack the size of the sun and send it off; That’ll kill you in the process baka! Of course pretending to be a vampire doesn’t make you really a vampire.

) For a Death to be legit You must have at least one witness of the Death of said character. Conclusion: Roleplaying isn’t about winning, it’s about having fun and making a great story and memories. Physical things don’t change because you pretend them.

One of the nice things about meeting new people, is that you don’t have any past baggage and you really can be whatever you want to be.

So be careful about “pretending” or role-playing negative characteristics.

If you pretend to be a jerk and obnoxious in here then you are actually being a jerk and obnoxious.

Pretending obviously doesn’t change the physical things, but it does change the non-physical things because those are more based on your actions and behavior then anything else.

A long flourishing response is great when you’re doing something entertaining in a room, but I have to say in passion, real passion, you need a back and forth flow.


  1. [BR]I'm searching for a guy who's interesting, understanding and never too domineering...obviously you will find occasions I like it...

  2. While the core plot remains the same regardless of Kururugi being a boy or girl, the later character responses, interval events, and battle abilities can change dramatically depending upon whether Kururgi is male or female.

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