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I watched my big cock get smothered between her thick ass cheeks as if it were a gigantic bratwurst smothered a hogie roll. After everyone had run a train on her ass I took turns pumping her pussy then her ass.

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He said she was in the shower and asked if I thought she would mind doing round two on camera.

I went into the bathroom and managed to persuade her to come fuck me again for all you guys. Hope you enjoy this lovely Russian wife as much as I did.

Then I fucked her tight 23 year old virgin ass slow.

My cock head barely fit and she started whimpering like a dog, but I pushed my 8 incher into that blackhole and pushed her back into an arch.

I had this one young whore I started out fucking behind her husbands back.

Soon after meeting her husband at a BBQ, I realized what a lame little cock he is from his introverted personality to fawning “Yes Dear” submissiveness.

————————- I’d be seeing Ellena for a while, she had a famous rock star boyfriend whose name I better not mention lol.. They owned an amazing house in the Sussex countryside. Read The Rico Shades Interview Here Make sure you visit Rico Shades at My Deep Dark Secret Here’s an update from the Bull that likes to sleep with your wives and girlfriends The Undercover Lover Fucking MILF Suzy while her Husband plays Golf Playing golf is a great way of spending a glorious summers afternoon.

I decided to pay her a surprise visit one of the days the rock star was away and take Trash along to capture some of the action. Fucking the golfers wife while he plays golf is even better.

I noticed her wedding ring right away and she told me her husband was back in Russia and she didn’t hesitate when I asked her back to the flat.

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