Romance and violence in dating relationships

Genre: Children's e Books, Literature & Fiction, Teen & Young Adult, Romance Size: 120 pages Free e Book download for Kindle from 09 November 2017 onward Dex: MC Biker Romance (Great Wolves Motorcycle Club Book 1) by Jayne Blue Meet the sexy, dangerous, tortured men of the Great Wolves M. When they set me free they called that justice too. Harvey's training at The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children prepared him for the most important case of his career to date, the abduction of eight-year-old Gabriel Wheeler.

But their damned justice cost me my freedom, my family, my club, and the only woman I ever wanted ... Nothing, however, could prepare him for the boy’s blame-shifting mother from hell who shoots up instead of alerting police when the boy goes missing.

But then the man sent to find the missing vampire also goes missing, and he happens to be her lover, Louis-Cesare. In a moment where she might have shut down and accepted her fate, a defense mechanism she isn't aware she possesses surfaces.

She therefore finds herself on a rescue mission with an old enemy, while a flood of long forgotten memories plays out in her head. Syrinanda struggles to understand the turn that her life has taken.

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When he witnesses her tapping into this unknown source of power, he steps in.

There is more about him that she doesn’t know, and now is the time to pull off the mask. A cunning serial killer was on the prowl, brutally killing every child he could get his hands on.

Their love was one of a kind, no one coulddeny that.

Everything changes in a blink of an eye after Aidenblindsides her by committing the ultimate betrayal on graduation night.

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Braelyn decides that leaving town is the only answer, especially nowthat she has a secret of her own.


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